Sunday, July 23, 2017

Soy Un Perdedor - at Royals (L 6-7, L 2-7, L 4-5)

                I’ve always compared a bad bullpen to a bad offensive line: it’s the most frustrating, it’s the hardest to fix, and it’s the most obvious flaw when it’s the weakest part of your team.  Grant it, this isn’t previous years when our relievers were rotating tryouts: there’s help coming, and hopefully soon. Reynaldo Lopez should be the next man up (shoutout to u/Chicago_45, I agree), and Kopech’s worth a look at some point as well.

                If you’re a baseball purist that never leaves early or a clockwatcher that hates games going over three hours (not much in the middle of that venn diagram), this won’t be a fun second half. I’m hoping we can make the first six or seven innings bearable and keep on tankin’ on by the time most of our family fanbase is out of the parking lots with the kids in bed. I didn’t expect to see the bullpen completely bottom out after the Yankees trade, but I’m sure the chaos has a little bit to do with this weekend’s struggles.  That and Shields and Holland not being able to keep the ball in the park (hopefully innings-eating Derek is back soon).

                The Moncada watch is going to be the one thing getting me through this losing streak, and it was interesting this weekend. The triple was a thing of beauty, and he’s got an uncanny eye at the plate for someone so young. Not concerned with his average if he’s hitting the ball hard. Maybe we’ll even get a dinger out of him this week to make the inevitable bullpen collapses against the Cubs more manageable.

                Speaking of the Cubs, check out that Eloy Jimenez statline from today to drown those sorrows.

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