Friday, July 28, 2017

My Kind of Crosstown, Part II - Disco's Take

                Feel no need to splurge for that McGregor-Mayweather fight anymore- the pitching matchups in our homestand portion were the biggest mismatch of the sports year.

                The Cubs can hit, and we can’t pitch. Some very solid pitching outings from Arrieta and Lester, capped off with the majority of the Cubs lineup getting hits against us.  (Kyle Schwarber, two home runs as the DH. Makes you think.)  A four game set with the defending champs is a tough National League draw after playing the Dodgers less than a week, and it’s been pretty obvious from those two series where both teams are at.

                But hey, first home run for Moncada, right?

                On the GM side, the bullpen’s a Catch-22. If you’re struggling, we let you labor, if you’re decent, we’ll trade you. From where Swarzak started with us, it almost has to feel good to be trade worthy. Curious about the return in Cordell, a 25 year old outfielder hitting .284 in the minors.  Assuming he’s an upcoming roster expansion addition. For Dan Jennings, a first baseman prospect is the prize, one who’s having a down year in average but with decent power and 44 RBIs. Don’t hate the thought of having a back up plan if Abreu’s play at first keeps regressing, but Gillaspie seems to need a little more progress. We’ve got the time for it, anyway.

                Cubbies, meanwhile. So hot right now. Buckle up for this weekend if you’re a Brewers fan. And hope the breeze on 94 cools off hot bats. 

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