Sunday, June 11, 2017

Parrotheads - at Indians (L 3-7, W 5-3 , L 2-4)

                If you’re an Indians fan who went to the game Friday night, kudos to you.  It might be a lost series and it’s probably more enjoyable to see good baseball than a game where your team gets eliminated, but they showed up Friday and deserve a lot of credit.
                In any right, the Tribe were bound to win that game, right? Cleveland sports misery to seeming to be a thing of the past, they couldn’t risk the chance of a loss that night to go with the possible soul crushing defeat of a Final sweep for the Cavs. (My own biased opinion says the Warriors got a frozen envelope to make the Series go 5, but you’re not here for my basketball thoughts).
                Worst part of Friday (we did have fight in us) was Miguel, which is unfortunate for how high on him I was at the start of the year. Little less than five innings of work and two leads given up for our most reliable pitcher at the start of the season. I also sort of wonder if having Petricka pitch for the first time in a while was the right call there- good for a pressure game situation to get him reacclimated, bad for a game we’d like to have where a one run lead gets squandered. Decent hitting and a little better with runners in scoring position, but the outcome not in our favor.
                (I also love the odd modern-day scenario of a game ending on a challenge. Doesn’t happen often but is the most needlessly tense rare situation in baseball today. Goose Gossage would’ve torched the field if he stayed the duration of this one.)
                Next game, much better with runners in scoring position, different outcome this time. I love a home run out of the nurture over nature side of growing up a Sox fan, but there’s something beautiful about runs off of consecutive base hits that I’ve grown to like even more, especially with this lineup. Four early runs all on singles, an insurance run late on a sac fly. Solid night for Holmberg (I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt on that Encarnacion homer, he was roping pitches all series), not so solid night for the bullpen. Kudos to Robertson for nailing the tough two inning save- that curve was a thing of beauty.
                Frustrating to see “just good enough” Q not get the win this time around. Sort of saw the writing on the wall when no runs crossed the plate for us until the sixth. It was good to see a competitive series- all the games felt close- but this one would’ve been a really good one for Q to get to turn things around a little bit more. Thought it’d be a little uglier after nine games on the road, and braced myself for a lost series, so I’m just glad we hung around. Mean time, this road trip is ov-ahh.
                Some quick hits:

-          Encarnacion, good Lord. That foul ball in the rubber game was an inhumanely far distance away. Run out fly balls, hustle, yadda yadda… but, maybe you’re a little exempt if home plate to landing spot off your bat doubles as a cross country course.

-          I think I brought it up in the Red Sox blog, but after a really solid series I hope Rick’s on the phone with them about Frazier. Not out of “I think we’d get a good return”, but it’s the place I see as the best fit for him. Those balls that fall five feet short at Comiskey will be in a better place with the Monster to left and the short porch to right.

-          Draft this week, who you guys got for the Sox pick?

Salt! Salt! Salt!

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