Friday, June 9, 2017

Devil At My Heels - at Rays (W 4-2, L 1-3, L 5-7)

                I could get used to “good enough for the team to eventually win” Quintana. Lights out Quintana usually means little run support and a loss/no decision (see also: good enough for the team to eventually win Quintana), and bad Quintana usually means he’s mentally spent from the former. A win like that, being slightly better than Archer (at least outcome-wise), can really help his trade value, but at this point I think that’s a little bit trickier.

                At this point, I’m starting to think holding onto Quintana for at least this year may be the better move. I think much of the to do in regards to him struggling at times is partly due to his position on the trading block- even when making millions, knowing you might lose your job soon alters your performance no matter what. It might be more the hometown bias talking, but I don’t think there’s much value in keeping our number one starter on the string until the trade deadline and having that weighing on him for the next two months. Let him be a reliable starter the rest of this year, give him the peace of mind to do so, and check back on our options come the offseason. We have no idea which Shields and Rodon we’re getting when they get back from injury, let’s save Q for our safety net.

                The other two games, just flat. Pelfrey’s back luck streak continues with just three hits of support, welcome to the show Jacob Faria.  Holland fell flat, we can’t bring runners in, we drop the rubber game. That A.L. East, man. Something else this year. As much as I want Cleveland to be different, I think we’re gonna wind up treading water until the home stand at the end of the month. Even at home, Baltimore will be a tough series, and Cleveland and Minnesota will be tough tests when we’re road ragged. Will be a good gauger, but I’d add another loop to the already circled Buehrle game on your calendar. 

  When you leave the game and your team hits the go ahead home run before you get the ice pack on

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