Thursday, May 4, 2017

There Is No Try - at Royals (so far) (L 1-6, W 6-0, L 1-6...

We live by the long ball, we die by the long ball. Everyone hits or nobody hits. In a series most noted for me still getting accustomed to the Royals as a lackluster team again, so far it’s exchanging times turning the lineup over. Royals had a solid win Monday- even with that offense, losing 10 straight was pretty unlikely to happen.  Bats strike first but only strike once, while Royals make the mistakes hurt. May strikes out to end it as Hahn books his ticket to Charlotte.  Next game, complete opposite:  Quintana’s first stress-free game of the year. Two in the second and third, and everyone’s hitting.  Moving the chains looks beautiful when we do it. Game 3, other side again: bats don’t wake up until the ninth when Abreu homered (power Jose is BACK). A nuthin doin' game.

They're up now (POWER JOSE) but I'll miss the end of this game and most likely the next series- hate to devastate my two readers, but life's taking me away this weekend. It's top 2 now so there's not much to say here, but some quick hits:

- Charlotte game was awesome yesterday. If you wanna feel good about this rebuild, definitely tune in. Having an exciting farm system is the cherry on top of this weirdly in the race so far season. 
- Nate Jones, what the hell?
- Rodon, WHAT THE HELL. 
- Shields' extended injury has me pretty worried at this point. High pitch count and a roller coaster of long fly balls or strike outs only, but the turnaround from last year was great. If anyone needed to keep the mojo going it's him. Hopefully he's back soon and back to his April self.
- Davidson just homered. Him at third, Hot Toddy DH. For like, one week. Humor me for one week. It'll be great, I promise.

Anyway, see you sometime next week. Shoutout to the Redditors who'll go a week without my shitposts. Until next time, viva la longball. 

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