Thursday, May 11, 2017

Regressing to the Meh - vs. Twins (L 2-7, L 6-7)

          Well, at least we got the forecast right.
          It felt like a series of who can be slightly less worse to pull off the victory. The Shields' injury is still making me really, really nervous- rough start from Pelfrey aside, I'm pretty pessimistic about his good start to the year carrying over. Momentum came to a standstill at the worst time.

          Seen the gif of that eighth inning Rosario swing? That's essentially the recap, unless we want to get into how home runs to surrender the lead the inning after getting it are generally not good.

           Tonight was interesting. On Southside Hitmen night, our most Hitmen game of the year: down 6-0 way early, we make it more interesting than it probably should have been. Three run home run by Melky (Bullpen Bar shots could count as double) and a flat out tattooed shot by Davidson keep us in it, and a late threat after a wild pitch puts runners on 2nd and 3rd almost makes it a complete comeback. Nothing doing between that and heart of the order in the next inning. I'm pretty torn between letting Abreu go through the rough start at first for the greater good and not letting easy plays like his error tonight cost us more than it already has. That double play not panning out is the story of the game, and the bad errors at first look especially bad when they extend a key inning and are just reallllllllllllly should have had that errors. But hey, wasn't expecting it to be that interesting a game, and can at least say we turned 6-0 to a one run game. Even if it's not when we need it the most, the fight's there.

           Some other things since I essentially took the week off:

          - Has been brought up already but is relevant after playing the Orioles: in Red Sox-Orioles the series before, when Barnes got ejected for throwing at Machado with a pitch that hit the bat, is he the first pitcher to ever get tossed for throwing a strike?

         - I'm not entirely on board with the idea of ties, and I'll be even more old man yells at clouds at any designated runner on second addendum, but there is absolutely nothing to gain from an 18 inning game in May.

         - Somewhat of an apprentice turned sensai moment on that Davidson home run: great two strike hitting that I haven't seen as much from Todd this year. Though if you're gonna throw a high fastball to get the batter to chase a pitch, you better make sure that's all that pitch is there for.

         - With the Moncada talk lately, I think I'm the only one still in the "better off not seeing an major league pitch this year" camp. We've been pretty bad with rushing players before they're ready, and I'd prefer his momentum into next year be a .315 year in the minors than a .210 month in the majors. Let's not Gordon Beckham the best thing we have going anywhere in the franchise.

        - Dog day is always the "absurd concept that looks like an absolute blast every time" promotion, but if I'm walking my territorial dog in any baseball warning track, I'm hoping he gives the one leg salute to the Wrigley ivy rather than piss on Comiskey.

         Overall, two quite not there yet teams playing games with several not quite there yet moments. It's bad to miss the limbo and want us to turn it around against the Padres, right? Because I'm going into tomorrow expecting to watch that South Park postseason baseball episode play out in real life.

                                         "But who does sit in that patio area in dead center?"

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