Monday, May 22, 2017

Long Before Your Time Has Come - at Mariners (L 4-5, W 2-1, W 16-1, W 8-1)

                A lot to talk about with this series, though none of which as important as the Robert signing.  Could do a really long dissection of the entire series or do a little quick hits edition for the four games against Seattle. Prefer the millennial version for this one. Good things from this past series:

                Good Thing #1: Comeback on Thursday
                Live, die, and put off death by sluggish hitters getting back to their groove before blowing it in the ninth by the long ball.  Frazier’s two home runs this series were probably the most satisfying and hopefully there’s carryover to the next series for his power number boost (just 330 to right at Chase). Anderson’s two home runs were the most surprising- and after Dee Gordon’s Fernandez tribute and Forenzen’s “for you Dad” home run, I don’t doubt the tragedy to triumph story of Moss’ mother’s request either. (Didn’t mention it here yet, but kudos to the White Sox for not just allowing Tim the series off to go to his friend’s funeral but also not making a roster move in his absence. Totally and completely “we’re here for you when you get back”, and very cool.)
                Either way, two late home runs get us back in this one, one run in the ninth ends it abruptly. World’s Worst Teammate Tommy Khanle does a good job holding. If we didn’t have three of our better games all year following this, it’d be the one we really wanted back. In hindsight, not much harm done.

                Good Thing #2: No Run Support for Quintana, Alternate Ending Edition!
                Might not be the most impressive lineup to mow down, but it’s a good checkpoint to see Q thriving against teams he should be thriving against. Jose’s left center shot our only run for him (see how much easier pulling the ball makes his life?). Some unintentional Ozzie ball brings pinch runner Leury from first to third on a sac bunt and a groundout, Melky drives him in. We’re hitting in the clutch when we need to still, and that’s a very good sign to be this competitive in the front half of a non-divisional series. I hope it carries over throughout the rebuild, though I wrote last blog about how I don’t think it’s likely Melky continues to be that guy for us.

                Good Thing #3: Home Plate Real Estate- Own Don’t Rent
                At this point I don’t think I can keep thinking Avi’s great numbers are a fluke and I can’t justify actually getting upset if he cools off after two months of Ted Williams numbers to start the year. Two homers, two doubles, amongst fifteen other hits in a downright massacre. What more to say here that the box score won’t? Be it the years and years of bad offensive numbers, be it the historically bad offense this year was supposed to be, but there’s something pretty special about seeing this island of misfit hitters put double digits and then some on the board. So good a win I almost forgot we got swept by Anaheim that same week.
                Good Thing #4: It’s not us anymore!

                I’ve seen innings like Top 1 before, we’ve usually always just been on the defending end. Three walks doom the M’s early, featuring timely hitting and a lot of Kansas City Specials (that, based on this season, appear to be any hit that stayed inside the ballpark). The hitting was the obvious highlight, but it’s good to have a solid Holland start under his belt. Miguel could use one and can hopefully follow suit tonight. Pitching, defense (Yolmer with the web gem!), timely hitting, a solid win to take the series.

                Felt good to get some wins against a team at pretty much our level. Tough pitching matchup tonight and a better than we thought Diamondbacks team, I’m not sure we hold up for this series, but we’re officially three days away from games that start at hours made for actual people again. Then onto the weekend and the team I’d like to see us put a sixteen spot on the most. 

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