Wednesday, May 24, 2017

A Million Ways To Lose In The West - at Diamondbacks (L1-5, L 4-5, L 6-8)

       Shortest blog yet. Pitching not great. Lived by long ball died by long ball simultaneously. Team on an unexpectedly hot start meets rebuilding team on the end of a west coast road trip. Not much to dissect besides bad baseball, and that short, short left field bringing Frazier and Abreu back from the power hitting dead.
       It's hard to gauge any west coast trip, let alone one that rounds out six home games in a thirty day stretch. Probably best to take it with a grain of salt in a rebuilding year. The shades of brilliance in Seattle were enough to make it seem like not a complete waste. Hopefully we can take a couple from Detroit this weekend and at least one against Boston this time next week. For now, reset that sleep schedule, friends. Weekend of day games coming up, a beautiful thing.

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