Monday, April 17, 2017

Who's On First, Garcia In Left Right Center - at Twins (W 2-1, L 0-6, W 3-1)

                Seemed to be about that time that the rain would find us again.  Lucky it wasn’t snow this time of year, puzzled that they went ahead with a stadium in Minnesota without a retractable roof. (Ask us if we’d prefer the Metrodome back.  We’ll wait. Through a rain delay of any length just so we don’t have to).
                But who am I to judge our friendly neighborhood Central opponents. History made on Friday with the three Garcias- congrats to Melky and welcome to the show Willy. Per Phenomenal Source, supposedly he’s looking really, really good down in Charlotte. Absolutely roped a ball to the gap his first at-bat, getting the now displayed forever souvenir but getting beaned at third trying to stretch it out. Didn’t take long to catch the “doin’ too much” Sox clubhouse fever.  The aggressive hustle fits in well with the young players this year, and has me excited about his potential here. Hit the ball harder in one at-bat than Jacob May in all of his, for a “maybe we should be thinking about this now” comparison- without hindering Willy’s development, might be worth it for Jacob to have a brief rendezvous Carolinas before his confidence bottoms out. Davidson homers late, Sox take it 2-1.
                Quintana’s troubles continue Saturday- I’ve been waiting for this other shoe to drop, if we’re being honest.  He has more grace and mental toughness than the oldest monk at the temple, but after months and months of trade talks and nonexistent run support, I can’t imagine you’re throwing every day like it’s your last. (And if it is, well, it probably means he’s going to a team that’ll score some runs for him). Sox never really in this one with five runs coming early.
                Sunday, rubber match. Not sure if I’m just more free-spirited in an anything goes year and redundant already in a ten day old site, but yet again, this felt like a win that we didn’t get often last year. Sending Abreu on that sac fly was pretty damn aggressive, and some great small ball that’s fun to watch, if nothing else. Proving to becoming more trend than fluke, Shields looks great again (still think the strikes should be there by now, but whatever gets the win) and Garcia continues the hot streak at the plate with the game-ending bomb. I was pretty well into the “no” camp for Avi last season, and had the tent really pegged down to the ground when he was resigned in the offseason. It makes more sense in the context of the plan- who else are we gonna play in the outfield and why would a bad year matter in a rebuild season- but the low risk signing is really paying off so far. Robertson solid once again (trade THAT), we take the series.  I could get used to winning in the division. And we’ll have to once our Bronx work week is over.

                                            Thanks Chicago Sun Times, and please don't sue

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