Monday, April 10, 2017

Who'll Stop The Rain? - vs. Tigers (L 3-6, W 11-2)


           I’m more used to Bear weather Opening Day- “wrath of spring” seems more like a late April/early May phenomena.  In a rain delay brought to you by Ford Mustang (featuring the Tigers’ faces with all of the collective enthusiasm of parents in the last ten minutes of a preschool recital) and by Modelo (“Rainy Opening Day- throw a lime in that beer and pretend it’s Memorial Day!”), baseball Christmas would have to wait until 26th (May, that is, Friday doubleheader) to get going.

           Continuing the trend of basically every season since ’77 (cutting Thunderstruck on the 40th of the Hitmen is a bigger unforgivable sin than the handling of the weather), but it looks like another “live by the longball die by the longball” kind of squad: Quintana had the odd poor outing (cue the “trade value looks like the Guaranteed Rate logo” reference here). Verlander on Opening Day is admittedly a rough draw, and the delay turned postponed throws off the first game jitters and adrenaline. Jose misses his spots to the tune of 3 home runs, Verlander hits them to the tune of 10 Ks.

          The next day is a different story: playing to a crowd of “aww, good for you”, the Sox open the floodgates in their first win of the year. Botched throw home on a Jacob May bunt attempts sets the tone and stage for a two run second, before home runs by Soto (pair of ‘em) and Davidson (halfway up the bleachers, clanks and rolls down to the first row) put it out of reach halfway in. James Shields smiles heading to the dugout. Closed off upper deck and ignoring Skilling be damned, these are the games you dream of.

          Rebuilding, retooling, possibly tanking, it’s the little things that count. .500 on the year, dingers a-plenty, and beating Detroit the fun way taking us into the next series. Take it while we have it.

"Baseball, hot dogs, Ford Mustangs and rain delays"

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