Sunday, April 23, 2017

They Are Who We Thought They Were - vs. Indians (L 0-3, L 0-7, W 6-2)

              Enough with the hangover, apparently. Whatever Pedialyte and greasy food combination worked for Cleveland, the flip's switched from team that lost the Fall Classic to team that won last year's pennant. The real Indians were in town this weekend.
              The equilibrium leveled for us, as well. Not much to be said here besides not having a roster ready to hang whiff 'em yet.  We go where the heart of the order takes us, be it the good like today's three runs or the bad like Friday's three total hits. It's intentional, it's part of the plan, it's a reminder that we like the idea of a rebuild more than the rebuild itself.
               Another tough one for Jose to kick off the series, but not quite the "easier to walk through the eye of a needle than it is to score a run for Quintana" loss to make us hang our heads. He only threw three bad pitches, but those pitches happened to let up a run via wild pitch and set up and lift off a two run homer. Same with Tanaka last series, it's more to gauge how we stack up against top pitchers on contending teams. Answer's the same.
               Pelfrey with the par for the course first White Sox outing on Saturday. 4 runs, 2 officially his fault. It's a tough spot for a relatively quick call-up, suit-up turnaround. Offense not much help, though the long awaited Jacob May first hit provided a nice enough bright spot. Pretty forgettable loss otherwise.
               Hitters got going today to avoid the sweep, courtesy of a rough Salazar outing, Melky's "don't worry my finger's fine" two RBI day, and Avisail postponing the "fluke" critics a series longer. A "bigger fish to fry" kind of day for the opposing perennial contender. Holland great, six runs are fun, come on down for our next Family Sunday Mom and Dad! Nice to be heading into the Kansas City series with the bats going.

                                     The look of a man too busy for your dirt bike ride

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